10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India

If you are someone having a job in india, the chances are very high that a robot may snatch your job leaving you unemployed. The future of jobs & unemployement is grim in India, here’s why:

  1. Unemployement in India is at an all-time high
  2. 80% of Engineers in India don’t have an engineering job
  3. 95% of software engineers are unfit for a job in India
  4. 50% of 12th pass-outs by 2030 will not be job-ready in India.
10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India

However, not everything is so bad for India. Humans still have an edge over automation & machines -machines still cannot visualize, interact, and understand human emotions which is the basis of many jobs that are rising and will be careers that will always be in demand. Let us take a look at the Top 10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India. That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India

1. Backend Developer

Which startup doesn’t need the person responsible for backend website and product development?. Every IT company needs Back-end developers and can be considered as an evergreen job. As of now, a backend developer’s job is irreplaceable by machines due to the fact that it requires intense brainstorming and problem-solving.

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2. Career Counsellor

Yes, we know every Indian relative is aa career counsellor and all of them have only 1 answer for you – that you can be ‘anyone’ amongst a doctor, engineer or a lawyer. Millions of students go through the confusion of choosing the right career option for the rest of their life. It is a big decision, probably the biggest since people are known by their job profiles nowadays. Parents & children alike are in a burning need of career counsellors these days.

3. Cyber Security Expert

10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India

If you have an internet connection, you also have a risk of getting scammed, hacked, ransomed and all sorts of scary things. Analytics firm Burning Glass Technology found 12 times growth globally in the data security jobs. Nasscom predicts that India will need around 1 million cyber security professionals by 2020. The demand will keep increasing as we continue to develop keeping cybersecurity as one of the top future jobs in India.

Companies have even started hiring ‘data hostage specialists’. The job is to ensure that company/person data is not held hostage by cybercriminals.

4. Drone Operators

10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India

You might be wondering why is this job on the list? Isn’t companies like Amazon trying to deliver products through drones. Of course they are! But drones are not as easy as you think. Further, drones are used in a variety of fields including defense, rescue operations, photography etc. A lot of these fields will require skilled drone pilots to fly them.

Did you see the recent movie “URI: The Surgical Strike”? Did you see how the Indian Defence used drones to fight back the terrorism? Got the point? It definitely makes it on our list of the Top 10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India.

5. Event Managers

How would you feel if a silly robot plans your wedding?! You can’t let a brain made out of nuts and bolts plan your once in a lifetime event, right? That’s where event managers come into picture. They give the much needed professional and human touch needed in events like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

Event Managers use their expertise in creativity, management, communication, negotiation, and budgeting skills to craft meaningful solutions for the clients. They take care of end-to-end event and take the entire load on themselves and thus make a good amount of money in doing so. It is one of the quickest growing careers in India.

6. Home Bakers & Sweet Makers

Yes you guessed it right, I won’t let a robotic machine ruin the taste of my evening samosa or Diwali Kaju Katli either! More than that, due to increasing health awareness, I would prefer home-baked cookies rather than chemical-infused biscuits from the market.

Home baking is a business that grows with little or no investment and has seen a huge uprise in recent few years. And like every food career, home baking is a highly profitable career. If you like to learn more about home baking, check AnybodyCanBake.Com.

7. Interior Designers

Nowadays both the home partners are often working and none gets the time to design and plan their dream home. One needs to have an expert who could take care of the execution with the utmost care and precision. Moreover, Homes are getting compact and expensive. People want to utilize every inch of it to in the best possible manner and create additional spaces.

Interior designers understand the individual needs of the users and craft a viable solution which is time and cost-effectively with durability and comfort in mind.

8. Physiotherapist

Whether you play sports and get injuries, travel to and fro on motor vehicles or just sit at your home and work from home everyday, there’s a high chance you may have to visit a physiotherapist once in a while. Humans are lazier than ever. The way we are living our lifestyle now, we weren’t designed to live that way!

This lifestyle change has bought a lot of pain and stress for mankind. Physiotherapists treat such injuries and disorders using physical methods like exercises, massages, and hot fermentation. Hence the reason they made it on our list of top 10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India.

9. Job Recruits & HR

Recruitment is going to be one of the top careers of all times. A career in recruiting is rewarding as well as satisfying. Read what Santosh Alex, senior engineering recruiter at Twitter has to say about Recruiting Career.
Government works hard to create jobs, but somebody needs to work in finding the right talent to fill those jobs. And that’s where recruiter plays a vital role in the success of an organization.

Finding the right talent, keeping the potential candidates interested in your organization and negotiating the salaries with the potential hires are few of the major tasks a recruiter does on a regular basis.

10. Web Designer

10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India

There’s a reason people are still paying web designers thousands of dollars to design and build custom websites. Businesses want websites that will either showcase their business personality & ethics in the most convincing way possible or, get conversions and rain money!

Robots can’t do that. Building websites require you to deeply understand your client and make sure that every inch of the screen is customized as per the requirements. Artists will never be replaced by robots. Hence, the job of a web designer definitely makes it on the list of the top 10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India.

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Conclusion – 10 Jobs That Will Be In Demand in 2025 In India:

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