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The Sidepath started off with a dream to build a virtual playground where upskilling is more fun, practical and collaborative

Here's what we discovered

80% of the engineering graduates remain unemployed after graduation because they don’t have the skillsets required by the modern companies as they are never given the 21st generation learning. 

Students remain unaware of their passion because they never get the right surrounding or people who could handhold them. Everyone is forced into same learnings in schools/colleges​.

​Pre-recorded content is BORING! Learning alone is BORING! And this is why our interest goes away even while learning things that fascinate us

According to survey reports : By 2030, more than half of 12th passed Indian youths will lack the skills to get jobs​

A story

Rohit and Harshil being a student themselves, both started at a very early age. Starting their first venture together at the age of 16, providing B2B web and chatbot-based services, they had to juggle between a bunch of skills (you know just startup things). We learned the importance of skills and the advantage of starting to explore from very early life. Aditya brought his industry-grade experience along with the technical knowledge on the table with a zeal to fix this broken education system.

This is how The Sidepath started . . .

During these years of their student life, they were spending around 50% of their daily time(Schools) interacting with those who are the people we are serving to now at The Sidepath. Most of the students they talked to here in India, had only two career options to make, either engineering or medical because our Indian education system doesn’t allow us to explore, and most importantly we don’t get a surrounding of such people who would even trigger us to think about skills. The younger ones end up taking a field of education they were never interested in because they weren’t able to find the one their interest lies in​ and another primary factor that adds up is the outdated two-decades-ago syllabus our universities follow. The companies are demanding modern skills because of the rapid technology change but the colleges are still teaching them the 20-year-old frameworks and software.

This becomes the reason why 80% of the graduated engineers in India remain unemployed. This 80% of students have to undergo an additional training program to become job-ready.

So this is what we made

The problem students are facing right now which is more of happening unconsciously is looking out for content on the internet and not a peer group of people to learn the concepts with.

Remember those nights before exams when we all used to sit together and learn with our friends?

So, what’s the hype with The Sidepath?

Introducing Hands-on Practical Learning in every skill domain with the real-life tasks given to our participants with the companies we've partnered with.

A collaborative learning model which allows the students to learn and compete in teams.

We are trying to create a University like experience virtually inside The Sidepath community. We want to make sure The Sidepath works as a single-stop solution for their growth. From opportunities, internships, upskilling lessons to the best mentors to getting placed in one of our partnered companies(future feature), we have it all here.

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