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How it works?

The Sidepath Experience

Experience the thrill of collaborative learning with us

Say Hi to your mates!

Once you enroll yourself in a cohort, you get automatically added to a group. Say 'Hi' to your new friends with a short intro of yours (rituals :p)

Get inside the classroom

- Attend live sessions
- Get doubts cleared
- Find your cohort schedule
- Submit assignments

Jump into the Lounge Room

Done with the classes?
Lounge room is the place to connect with your newly made friends, work on assignments with your team or just play some games inside the gaming area

Get points and Badges!

Earn points for completing quizzes and assignments as each class ends.
Unlock exclusive badges for completing milestones to build a kickass profile

Gear up for the Mini-Hackathon!

Once the bootcamp ends, participate in a spine thrilling 1-day mini hackathon and get a taste of working on a real-life project in teams

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Some common FAQs

We want you to be 100% assured before starting your upskilling journey with us

The timings differ as per batches. Please find the dates and timings on the Cohort page before enrolling

We carefully choose our mentors who are passionate about what they are doing to help you bring the best learning experience of your life. You can find the details of respective batch mentor while enrolling on the bootcamp page

The cohort classes are conducted live and all you need is a laptop, webcam, a decent internet connection and zeal to devote yourself completely during the cohort. If there are any specific requirements(softwares, hardwares etc.), they would be mentioned over the cohort page.

Mini Hackathon is a 1 day contest after your bootcamp ends where everyone will be divided into teams and along with your team, you have to work over the problem/need statement given by your mentor. The best team submission takes the prize home.

This is a completely live session. The details would be shared in the group. Although you will be getting all the recordings in the form of a course after the bootcamp ends.

Once you have joined a bootcamp, you will be automatically added to a group on this web platform itself where you will find your fellow batch participants. Throughout the entire duration of the bootcamp, you are intended to connect with them, share your updates, and improve your social skills. The day after bootcamp ends, you will be made to work in teams which will help you build team management skills and boost your social skills aswell.

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