Ethical Hacking Bootcamp

The Ethical Hacking bootcamp is a 10 hours long bootcamp specially designed for beginners and intermediates in Cybersecurity who are looking to excel their skills in this prestigious domain. 

Dipanshu Parashar · January 10, 2021

Cohort starts from 15 June 2021

Find the schedule inside your classroom

10 hours of classes + Quizzes + Assignments

Find the schedule inside your classroom

5 major modules + entry to our hackathon

Experience the thrill of collaborative learning with us

What you will learn in this cohort

Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking

Learn about the need of Information security, cyber crime and laws aswell as understanding penetration testing

Networking basics + VPN

Learn the working mechanism of web applications, protocols, how VPN works and its disadvantages. Also learn about TCP and OSI model.

Email Hacking and Social Engineering

Learn about tracing IP addresses, email hacking and security, hacking into social networking accounts, fake emails and fake profile tracing

Google Hacking and System hacking

Start with Google Hacking database, google dorks aswell as about Key loggers and windowps password cracking.

Metasploit - Android phone hacking

Learn about Network scanning, hackign android phone in LAN and metasploit exploits + basic guide

Firewalls and Conclusion

Dive into the world of Firewalls and its types, how to be safe on Internet with tools and best ways to be a cyber warrior for anyone

If not from us, hear from them

Do you know

Need of the hour

Everything demands IT security to be best to prevent data breaches. From largest corporates to even smaller companies, everything in this world today needs to protect their systems.

Vast opportunities

Bunch of opportunities to work as Bug Hunters and get bounties on various platforms + Opportunity to start up with corporates directly providing them training and services.

Cyber warrior

If there are fraudsters, there are cyber warriors like you. Learn how to dismantle various cybersecurity approaches.

You are a necessity

Web Development, Android development are of no use without implementing proper security.

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Get points and Badges!

Earn points for completing quizzes and assignments as each class ends.
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Gear up for the Mini-Hackathon!

Once the bootcamp ends, participate in a spine thrilling 1-day mini hackathon and get a taste of working on a real-life project in teams

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Meet your mentor

Dipanshu Parashar is a TEDx Speaker, a renowned Indian Ethical Hacker, and in top 5 youngest Indian influencers by 'yourstory'.

He is currently India’s Youngest Cybersecurity Author. He has written two books exclusively on Cyber Safety Tips and Ethical Hacking.

Founder - The Cyber Agents and Virtual cyber labs.

The cyber agents is -

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Bootcamp Includes

  • 5 Classes
  • Bootcamp Certificate