The Art of Content Writing with Nikhil Kamath

viplav panghal · September 4, 2021

Cohort starts on 25th Sep 2021

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9 days of LIVE classes + Team based Assignments

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What you will learn in this cohort

Requirements of Content Writing

Before getting into hands-on sessions, we will first understand the various requirements of content writing

Writing and Editing for the Digital Era

We are rapidly moving towards a world where Digital media is going to takeover. We will learn how to adapt and improvise our writing style which aligns with this era

Researching on Content

Learn my secret strategies and various techniques I use on a daily basis to research on content, whether its for social media or freelancing

Working on Keywords

Keywords play a vital role where social media and Search engine algorithms are taking over. Learn how to pick the right keywords and use them in your content

Understanding Copywriting

Do you ever wish to work with brands for their advertisement or web copies? We will take a look into the different components if you are willing to start as a freelance copywriter

Exploring Careers in Content Writing

At last after learning all the aspects of content writing, we will explore the different career possibilities and how you can go straight into applying for internships here onwards

If not from us, hear from them

Do you know

Increase in demand

There has been a significant increase in the demand for content writers across all the sectors especially after covid times when companies have started focusing more on their social presence and on digital media

Good payouts

If learned carefully, skills like copywriting can offer great salaries if you are looking out for a job. Not to mention, copywriting itself is a high ticket skill which will help you make a sustainable freelance career aswell

A New Direction

Content Writing can help one pivot their career into a new direction

Stay on top of trends

The skills that you will be learning while being a part of this cohort + the network you will be building here will help you stay on top of market trends online

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The Sidepath Experience

Experience the thrill of collaborative learning with us

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Earn points for completing quizzes and assignments as each class ends.
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Gear up for the Mini-Hackathon!

Once the bootcamp ends, participate in a spine thrilling 1-day mini hackathon and get a taste of working on a real-life project in teams

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Meet your mentor

Nikhil Kamath is a food & travel writer and author from New Delhi. With great knowledge of food, Nikhil started food blogging at the age of 15 with his blog ‘The Salt and Pepper Food Guide’ and has been doing this since 2011. With a zeal for guiding and mentoring, Nikhil started mentoring students in schools and colleges in 2018 and has since then mentored 1000+ school and college students on topics like Entrepreneurship, Content Writing, Blogging and Creative Writing.

Nikhil has been blogging since 2011 and has accumulated over 29k+ followers on Instagram and has mentored over 1000+ students in the field of Blogging & Content Writing, Creative Writing and Entrepreneurship. He is also a published author of the novel 'It was You....Always' and co-author of the poetry anthology Daastaan-e-Kalam

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