how to get a pay rise

How to Get a Pay Rise – 5 Quick & Easy Tips! (#3 Will Blow Your Mind!!)

Top CEO reveals his secret & the dirty little ways he wants you to approach him to get a pay rise! Here’s how to increase your salary & how to get a pay rise!!

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How to get a pay rise
how to get a pay rise

The Top CEO we are referring to here told The Sidepath that “Business owners pay their employees just enough to keep them from leaving, but not enough to make them happy.”

If you want to get a rock-breaking annual increment in your salary, or in other words get a salary rise or a raise (whichever way you want to call it), you will need to take matters into your own hands. Here are some tips to help you increase your salary and how to get a pay rise:

1) Find out Your Worth & Value

Websites like Glassdoor & PayScale allow you to find out how much other people with your job designation & education are getting. Comparing yourself to other people holding the same job position really tells you if your boss is really undervaluing you or not. This is a good start.

If you discover that you should be getting a higher salary, you have a good place to start your negotiations from.

It’s as simple as that! Visit the given links above to get a quick self valuation OR you can just google “Average {Your Job Title Here} Salary”

2) Strike while the iron is hot

Timing is very critical here. The best time to show what you are worth to the company is soon after you have accomplished something big. Have you recently scored a deal, made a large sale or done something that reduces company costs? The boss may be more inclined to see your value, when the memory of your success is still fresh.

So if you have recently achieved something, this is the perfect time to flaunt it! Most of the corporates are a show-biz now, so don’t fall into any type of a guilt trip!

Just go for it & show off your recent big achievement. This is going to take you way further in the queue of employees waiting to get a pay rise.

3) Speak like a Spartan!

When asking for pay hike in order to increase your salary, the most important thing to have is – CONFIDENCE.

Yes, you don’t need fancy degrees, mind-boggling numbers or even a foot-licker attitude! All you need is some self respect and confidence. When you go out there with a smiling & confident face, people know that you know your own worth. And it becomes harder for them to make you doubt yourself.

Believe it or not, corporates know how to manipulate people. They will play with your psychology in such a manner that you will start to undervalue your own self and go into thinking that the company is doing you a favor by letting you stay here!

Try not to be meek or use a passive voice when asking for a raise. The company is not doing you a favor, you are helping the company grow by giving your valuable talent to them. So, don’t say things like; “Do you think it is time you can consider a raise for me?”, be more assertive and say; “I believe I deserve a raise, and these are the reasons why”.

4) Bring more to the table!

“You are not paid according to your value, You are paid according to how HARD you are to REPLACE.”

Bring as much as you can to the table. For that, keep learning new tech skills daily.

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5) Be ready with a figure and don’t give up too easily

Chances are your boss will ask how much of a raise you’d like, but this is likely a trap. They know exactly how much they may or may not offer you. There might even be company policies on how much of a raise an employee can get (check your employee handbook for this). The first figure that’s stated, whether by your or your boss, is usually the high or low starting point for negotiation.

As we told you, Believe it or not, corporates know how to manipulate people. They will play with your psychology in such a manner that you will start to undervalue your own self and go into thinking that the company is doing you a favor by letting you stay here!

They will ask you questions like – “Do you really think you are worth that much?” while staring directly into your eyes without even blinking. They are just playing mind games here. But so can you!

Give them a confidence-filled “Yes, I definitely think so” while staring right into THEIR eyes. Tit-for-tat!


The tips given here in this blog post on how to get a pay rise are not just any other tips from a blogger who is just asked to write 5 blog posts a day. These are really precious golden-nuggets obtained with a lot of difficulty & relation-building from a top CEO who wishes to remain anonymous (as of now). So Don’t undermine any of these 5 tips just like how you don’t want your boss to undermine you.

That’s pretty much it! Now go rock that pay-hike pitch and get a pay rise We believe in you!

Team The Sidepath

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