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Patna, Bihar, India


February 20, 2002


Entrepreneurship, Technology, Startups, Product, Design, Spirituality


Hi, I’m Harshil, a 19 year old entrepreneur building one of the India’s first few cohort based skill-learning marketplaces to enable fun, practical and collaborative learning experience for students.

The Sidepath Community:

I love sharing stories and have been documentimg my experiences of building startups in my teen life, sharing all my day-to-day learnings, life lessons and going off the society standards to #DoWhatiLove

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The journey began back when I was 14(2016). I fell in love with robotics and joined a c++ class. Later 2 years,
– I was having a number of merit certificates from top IITs and various other colleges
– one of the finalists in Young Scientist India 2017 for building an autonomous drone to help deliver medicals in times of natural disasters
– helped a number of school students to get started into robotics through our workshops

But between these 2 years, alot more things happened apart from just robotics. I started a tech blog ‘TecoTize’, launched a deals and coupons platform ‘LootoMart’, a food blog ‘Foodsnuffer’ with a chatbot to help find the best eateries in locality. These all were a fail.

I needed money to fund my projects so I started freelancing for multiple skillsets like building websites, chatbots, 2-d animations and writing blogs and made my first buck on the internet.

The time I reached 11th grade, I got into the startup ecosystem. I started a b2b company ‘Vicube’ along with my co-founder Rohit providing web and NLP based chatbot services to both Indian and International clients. This is was my first taste of entrepreneurship

I have helped our team at Smartee(a cloud enabled realtime health monitoring tshirt, a project of Vicube) to be one of the winners at Bihar startup Conclave in 2019 among 300+ startups.

A huge fame game started all over and we were in newspapers, blogs, invited to radio shows and channels in a mere span of weeks.

With the lack of mentorship and enough domain expertise, we had to put the project on halt and that’s when The Sidepath was born.

Winning Indiapreneur 9.0 got us the initial funds to get the MVP into market and kickoff this vision. We got into the finale of adv Edtech track of Eureka by IIT-B(Asia’s biggest B-plan competition). Today, thousands of students a part of our ongrowing audience, upskilling while being a part of the smartest GenZ Community.

Currently: Travelling to places, diving deep into spirituality and entrepreneurship, sharing stories through podcast and weekly newsletters, building