Expose yourself to this AI Model – GPT3! Did you ever imagine that a machine could actually generate fresh pieces of content in a few seconds?

Imagine yourself in a situation wherein you require an instant article or a web layout and you receive the desired results in a blink of an eye? Life would feel so sorted, right?

GPT3 is being believed to snatch away jobs from millions of professionals. Can it be true given the fact that the recent technological advancements in the domains of AI, ML, and Robotics pose a serious threat to our future?
Well, it’s a proven fact that despite the highest levels of technological advancements, somewhere or the other, the technology lacks a human touch. This element is necessary in order to build a sustainable, smart, and aligned society wherein we do not have to be completely dependent on technology.

Here is a scintillating technology backed by AI that does wonders! GPT3 is the most advanced technology created with AI. It produces human-like text content with a minimal amount of input. It’s programmed in a manner that may leave you awestruck [that’s up to you] because it does.

San Francisco based AI lab OpenAI after rolling out its predecessors PTB and GPT2 is now looking forward to disrupting the market with its language-generating AI.
GPT3 was first introduced by OpenAI in a research paper published in May. It’s predecessor GPT2 was able to spit out captivating results. It produced a variety of different styles when fed with opening sentences. But GPT3 is a massive leap forward in the world of AI. It boasts of the excellent text-generating capacity with diversity in the results produced. The GPT3 model has approximately 175 Billion parameters. It is almost 10x larger as compared to GPT2’s 1.5 Billion.

The wild AI model is being known to produce random-ish sentences that sound more or less like a human text. From poems, codes to blogs, and articles, there is nothing it cannot manage to execute! It is a revolutionary model that is capable of generating piles of content on a single click. What else does a human need?

Here is a short brief of the advantages that GPT3 could possibly have in store for us:

There are two sides to a coin. Hence, GPT3 surely has a couple of drawbacks and flaws that are necessary to be considered.

Having been already tweeted by the OpenAI CEO Sam Altman himself, it doesn’t make any sense estimating it’s complete future usability.

The GPT-3 hype is way too much….AI is going to change the world, but GPT-3 is just a very early glimpse

Sam Altman, CEO OpenAI


Well, it would be interesting to see whether GPT3 meets up the expectations of its innovators or fails to address issues as a job-snatching machine of millions of professionals around the world…

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