Bootcamps FAQs 🠗

How many times it has happened that you decide to add a super shiny skill to your portfolio and instantly make a course purchase from some MOOC platforms? Did you complete that?

The completion ratio of pre recorded courses are around 3% currently. This is where the cohort-based-approach comes. A cohort based model simply means learning along with a group of peers. But, The Sidepath takes it to a whole new level by giving you the mentor you need, the group who shares your vibe, while gamifying the entire learning experience all LIVE. Enrolling in a cohort based course can be slightly costly but isn’t that a very small figure when you compare the ROI? Cohort based courses keeps you accountable for your learning growth, makes networking a part of learning aswell as makes sure that you consume not only content from your mentor but also his mindset, years of experience and knowledge.

The Sidepath started with a vision to bring a range of 21st gen skills on its paltform but at the very initial stage, we are keeping a narrow focus to mainly the tech and a few non tech skills. We will keep expanding our mentor base with the passing time.

The bootcamp duration varies greatly from levels to levels. For a beginner bootcamp, its usually 3-5 days. You can find the duration mentioned on the bootcamp page itself.

Every skill we add on our platform, has a roadmap attached to it to ensure a smooth learning curve. Each of these skills are divided into three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginner level, as the name states is for all those starting from absolute zero and have never practiced this skill earlier or someone with a very basic experience with the skill. Beginner levels are usually of shorter durations. Intermediate is for those who have already completed the beginner level on The Sidepath or someone who has already got a good hold of the topics mentioned in the beginner bootcamp of their respective skill. Similarly, Advanced level is for those who have completed the Intermediate level or the topics mentioned in the Intermediate level bootcamp of their skill. Advanced level bootcamps aims to make you industry ready while Beginner level bootcamps aims to get you in the industry.

Mini-Hackathon is going to be one of the most intense days during your bootcamp. Everyone will be divided into teams and given a common problem statement to work on. You will have 24 hrs to complete and submit the project. The problem statement ensures to build induce a habit of learning by doing. The hackathon will make you work on a real life project and learn the art of working collaboratively to develop team-management skills within you and take the project to its end goal. The winner takes home the prizes.

We use zoom to conduct our live classes. The rest of the processes takes place over The Sidepath’s web platform only.

Once you have completed the payment and enrolled yourself in the bootcamp, the bootcamp would be automatically visible inside your Dashboard. There are two paths now, one leads you to the bootcamp group and one takes you to the recordings, assignments and quizzes zone. Both of these things would be available within your Dashboard. If you are facing issues finding them, go to your profile and find the first one under My Bootcamps and the bootcamp group under My groups.

The recordings are made available for you right after the class completion. Note that these are not available for a longer duration so complete those as early as possible. This is done to ensure that procrastination does not becomes a part of your growth.

You will be able to access the recordings, quizzes and your assignments until 1 week after the completion of your bootcamp. 

Once the bootcamp has ended, go to your bootcamp lesson recordings (through Dashboard or Profile > My Bootcamps > Continue) and Click on ‘Mark complete’ on every lesson. Once you mark complete all the lessons, the certificate would be generated and automatically available under My Profile > My Cohorts > My Certificates.

Visit the bootcamp group (through Dashboard or Profile > My groups) and under the classes tab, find your schedule. Click on the respective class(date wise) and use the joining link to join the session.

There are two ways to communicate with your peers and mentor
– Drop them a private message using the message icon box in the header.
– Use the feed section of your bootcamp group and make a post.

Congrats for realising the importance of this question. To make the most out of your bootcamp, follow the steps below

– Consistency is the key. Make sure to show up in your classes everyday without fail unless its not something way urgent (So urgent that you’d have even left your flight for)

– ENGAGE. Drop your introduction in the group right before the starting of the bootcamp. Also, don’t forget to connect with the other participants on a person level. Do virtual meets, talk with them and extract their knowledge and experiences.

– Complete the given assignments and Quizzes on time and without fail. They not only reward you with certain seons(points) and badges but also help you to practice what you